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Immediate Edge

Join Immediate Edge and Get More From Bitcoin!


Immediate Edge is here to help investors enter the versatile crypto market by transferring them to reputable brokers and their unique trading infrastructures. For our services, we get compensated by our affiliate partners at no extra cost to users. Note that we do not provide financial advice, and the content on our site is for information and advertising purposes only.

Trading may not be suitable for all investors, so beginners should always consult a licensed professional regarding their options and tax liability before they get started. Moreover, complex trading instruments can lead to substantial losses - you risk losing your entire capital. We shall not be held liable for any potential losses resulting from the use of our platform. Carry out due diligence!

There’s never been a better time to invest in Bitcoin than right now. Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies continue to rise in popularity, especially as more people learn about what makes them so viable. The value of Bitcoin is expected to keep rising well past its current level of resistance.

But you might not know how to enter the Bitcoin field, especially given that this is a relatively new industry that most people are unfamiliar with. But the great news is that you can get in on the ground level and become an early Bitcoin investor with Immediate Edge.

We provide a simple auto trading platform that helps you keep tabs on what’s happening with the crypto market. Our system will identify the key times for completing trades and execute them to provide the best possible profits.

You need nothing but the best support when using Immediate Edge. Our team will give you the help you demand for whatever trades you wish to complete. We’ll ensure our system runs right and manages whatever trades you wish to support.

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Why Join Us?

We at Immediate Edge know you’ve got questions surrounding what makes our system so ideal. We can tell you that with Immediate Edge, you’ll have the upper hand when earning money from Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

Investing in Bitcoin and other similar currencies can be one of the most worthwhile things to explore for your financial purposes. Such currencies are becoming more accessible and functional for many purposes, from having credit cards that link to crypto accounts to handling more transfers from many places, you’ll find many new ways to use Bitcoin.

The added functionality and interest people hold in Bitcoin makes it where its value could potentially rise. But with the market being as volatile as it is, you will need extra help when managing your work. Our team at Immediate Edge has a program that will track the crypto market and execute trades as necessary.

Our artificial intelligence-based program will identify the best and most appropriate transactions for your cryptocurrency needs. It provides a simple plan for handling currencies that you will appreciate.

You don’t have to spend too much money when getting everything up and running. You can set up an account for as little as $250 at the start. We’ll help get everything started as soon as possible, giving you all the control you need.

Our Technology

We use a distinct system that helps our clients earn more from the Bitcoin market than they could ever expect. We use an artificial intelligence-based algorithm to review the market in action. We check the best money-making opportunities based on historical data, changes in volume, and many other factors.

The AI setup learns from the market’s movements and confirms many triggers that influence how transactions can work. The system provides extra control over how much you can earn.


The results you can earn through Immediate Edge will vary surrounding what trades you wish to complete, how much money you invest, and how the market moves. There’s a potential for you to earn thousands in an average month.

You can review your work on Immediate Edge for a few minutes each day to see what’s happening on the market. The check setup can help you note what’s working when managing different activities on the market.


“Immediate Edge provides a better approach to currency trading. It provides simple details on what people could get from their investments.” – Associated Press

“The fast responses Immediate Edge provides and its extensive knowledge of the market make it a choice unlike anything else you could find when looking for a Bitcoin trading platform.” – Crypto Digest

How Does It Work?

Our system at Immediate Edge uses a convenient approach to managing your trades:

  1. You will adjust whatever trading parameters you wish to utilize. These include rules on what currencies you are interested in the most, plus the high and low totals.
  2. You can then activate the trading program at any time.
  3. Our trading system will review the crypto market to find the most profitable trades.
  4. Our trading robots will secure the best deals and then sell those currencies when the trends are favorable.
  5. The payout system will then review the earnings you will receive from our work.
  6. You can choose to either withdraw your profits or reinvest in the market.

How Can You Start Trading?

You can start trading with Immediate Edge in moments. Here are a few tips of value:

  1. Register your account with us in a few minutes.
  2. Complete a deposit of at least $250 to get started in trading.
  3. Use the demo trading system to review the trading process we utilize and to see how you can adjust your trades.
  4. Plan your settings for a trade, and then activate our system.
  5. We will then complete the trades based on the settings you request.

The trading effort you can utilize with us at Immediate Edge is all about giving you the power you need to start trading cryptocurrencies. Take note of how well we can work for you.

Our Advantages

Our system is faster than what you might find elsewhere. We can complete trades seconds faster than most other platforms. Every second counts when it comes to a market as volatile as the crypto industry.

Our setup does not feel any impact from the intense volatility of the market. The system checks on all the trends that develop at all times, ensuring we stay on track when managing different work.

We provide one of the best success rates in the crypto trading industry. We hold an approximate success rate of 98.9%, which ensures you’ll make more from your investments.


How much can I earn when using Immediate Edge?

You can earn thousands each month, although the total you’ll receive will vary surrounding the settings you utilize.

Does it cost anything to sign up outside of my investment deposit?

It does not cost extra to sign up for an account. There are no registration fees here.

Does Immediate Edge collect commissions on transactions?

Immediate Edge will collect a small commission on any profits one earns. You will not pay any other fees outside of that commission. That charge is only good for trades where you make a profit.

How many trades can work at a time?

You can use multiple trades at once with Immediate Edge, although it is best to use whatever trades you can accurately track at a time.

Is this a safe solution to utilize for investing?

Immediate Edge uses a secure SSL encryption-based array to ensure your data stays secure.

How long do I have to wait before I can withdraw my funds from my account?

You can withdraw your funds after you are finished trading on the Immediate Edge platform.

What deposit and withdrawal methods can I utilize?

Immediate Edge accepts most credit card transactions and some bank transfers. Check with your bank to see if it can support payments to the Immediate Edge platform.

How long do I have to spend on the Immediate Edge platform each day?

You can spend about twenty to thirty minutes each day to plan whatever trades you wish to arrange. The Immediate Edge platform will help you note what is open on the market.

When should I trade with Immediate Edge?

You can trade with Immediate Edge at any time, but it is best to trade during daytime business hours in the United States, as this is the time when the cryptocurrency market is the most volatile. It is easier to find profitable trades when the market is more volatile.

Do I have to stop trades myself?

You’ll need to exit whatever trades you’re in at the end of the trading day or when you wish to stop for the moment. The Immediate Edge system will keep trading until you ask it to stop working.

What types of cryptocurrencies does the Immediate Edge platform support?

Immediate Edge can help you trade Bitcoin, EOS, Litecoin, Ethereum, Ripple, and many others.

Can you also trade fiat currencies with Immediate Edge?

Some fiat currency pairs that link to cryptocurrencies may be available on the market. These include ones that link the British pound or Australian dollar to Bitcoin, for example.